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We mobilize and reward brand advocates


Poppo makes advocacy fun and rewarding. Join Poppo's advocate marketing program and network of Poppo People and we will connect you with our Brand Partners that you are most interested in.


Poppo drives deep customer engagement through a rich set of pre-shopping interactions that unlock instant cash rewards, stored on our Retail partner's digital gift cards.


Personalized messages - at scale.
Our mobile "moments marketing" platform helps you and your clients get in touch with the mobile generation and optimize custom campaigns in real-time.

You're in Control

We improve the shopping experience for consumers. No more unwanted pop-up ads. No more meaningless coupons, rebates, promo codes. Just better, smarter, more personal, and more rewarding shopping.

How it works?

We believe everybody is an influencer, not just
celebrities and professional bloggers.

As a brand advocate, browse for the brands you want
to endorse, before, during and after shopping. Share that company or product on your social networks. The more your friends click on your post the more money you can make.

As a consumer, when you click on one of your friends Poppo posts you can participate in real-world, interactive experiences by scanning to unlock unique and exclusive content to earn instant cash on prepaid digital gift cards.


Poppo makes it easy for marketers to mobilize and reward their advocates to support their marketing campaigns, engage consumers and convert new business by driving referrals, references, ratings, reviews, word of mouth recommendations, and more. Brand advocates share products that interest them and earn instant cash rewards in exchange for participating in brand promotions.

Reward Your Moments

Welcome to the free app that pays you cash
simply for endorsing and engaging with brands you love.

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