Share Better.
Leading the next generation of photo sharing on mobile devices.

Poppo makes sharing

mobile moments better.

Let's face it ... mobile photography and the sharing economy are here to stay.
The problem is that the services we use today have become overly crowded
with so many posts and ads that, honestly, it's difficult to stay interested.
Plus, we don’t socially share everything with everyone offline, so why should we online?

In today's sharing economy there are companies that are focused on building many valuable marketplaces. For example, our homes (hospitality), our cars (transportation),
our stuff (consumer goods) and more. Yet, when it comes to our most precious asset, our time (attention), there is no marketplace available — at least not without
constant interruptions and distractions.

We wanted sharing moments to be more fun, more collaborative, and more useful.
We wanted a better way to organize and share our moments with people
who share our interests and without all the noise and clutter.

So, we created one.

Poppo is the next generation of photo sharing.
Beautifully designed with smaller screens in mind, Poppo is for people
who want more control sharing their moments and interests with others.

Stay Tuned!

Poppo is free to use for as long as you want
and with an unlimited number of people.

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