Pocket size search for mobile.
Keeping it short and sweet in true poppo fashion, we’ve optimized search for the mobile, social and visual web.

Poppo is optimized search for mobile devices

A better way to browse and search the world around us.
Poppo provides mobile visual search to discover your points of interest (POI),
quickly and easily, and beautifully designed with smaller screens in mind.

Super Simple Search

Take a picture of anything and get great search results without typing.

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Fast Local Results

Learn about amazing products and places in the world around you.

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Share and Explore

Browse memorable moments
nearby and around the globe.

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Beautiful design

A new standard of mobile user
interface and experience design.

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The intersection of online and offline.

Has the Internet brought us together or pulled us apart?
Technology connected us online, isn't it about time it brought us together offline.

Visual Search

Poppo redefines search and discovery for the emerging mobile, social and visual web.

Text based search and discovery on our mobile device’s already tiny screens and keyboards is hard. Search hasn’t changed since Google developed their PageRank algorithm in 1998, well before social networks and mobile. We still use the same method on mobile today,17 years later. It’s outdated.

Enter Poppo.

 (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

We're based in Boston, but we're connecting
People, Places and Products online and offline all over the world.

In short, we're building the world's largest 'marketplace for engagement'.

In today's sharing economy, there are companies that are focused on building many valuable marketplaces. For example, space (our homes), transportation (our cars), consumer goods (our stuff), and more. Yet, when it comes to our most precious asset, time (our attention), there is no marketplace available. At least, not without constant interruption from advertising from all directions.

We founded Poppo because we became disenchanted by current search engines and disillusioned with the many social networks, which have become too big, cluttered and full of advertising. Ad-based social networks and search engines just don't work for us or match our mobile lifestyles. So, we set out to win back the war for our attention.

Poppo is part search and part social network that aims to transform how people connect online and offline. A community marketplace where people can share and explore things that interest them.

As a mobile activation platform and free smartphone app, we combine mobile visual search and advocate marketing software with algorithmically generated search results adapted for mobile consumption.

Poppo redefines search for the mobile world by empowering a new generation of consumers to share their interests in a simple, intuitive, and beautiful manner. Our Point of Interest (POI) marketing technology helps create a "third shelf" for advertisers and retailers that transforms the retail shopping experience. For consumers, our innovative matching technology, intuitive gestures, and beautiful animations make searching and shopping fun: easy to use, easy to find, and easy to share.

Internally, we use our company name, "PoPPo", as a blueprint for growth – to mobilize and connect the People, Places, and Products (our three PPPs) online and offline.

The vision for our company starts with Poppo’s name, an acronym for Pre-Order, Pre-Pay Online and a variation of POP (“Point of Purchase”) and POS (“Point of Sale”), which is the intersection where promotion and payments meet – in the palm of our hands. What this means in very simple terms is that down the road we plan to add a buy button to our free mobile app.

For now, our current focus is to build out the interest graph on top of the social graph using mobile visual search and advocate marketing software, for which we're calling our Point of Interest (POI) marketing technology, or simply “Interest Marketing”.

As a moments-inspired company, the Poppo mission, and our brand, starts with purpose and is followed by a promise:

To lighten and enlighten people’s lives with fun, memorable moments that mobilize and connect the world’s People, Places, and Products, Online and Offline (“PoPPo”), so everyone has a chance to shine.

As we embark on our mission, we set out to create a new kind of company, one that gives everyone a chance to shine.

We will invite you as soon as we can. Poppo is currently in limited beta, i.e., testing phase, and we are inviting new users in small groups as we roll out new features. In the meantime, please stay tuned and help us spread the word.

Yes! At Poppo we're always looking for smart people to join us on our mission and to fix search and discovery on mobile devices.

If you share our core values of HIFIVES, please get it touch with us.

High-Quality, Innovative, Fun, Integrity, Value, Empower, Share

The acronym, ‘HIFIVES’, is our central unifying set of values and describes our company’s unique personality and performance objectives. In a world full of vigorous competition, disruptive advertising, and negative news coverage, we embrace our core values as the hallmarks of our business. Our core values serve as our corporate philosophy, company compass, team mantra, and decision-making checklist.

We have clear vision for Poppo and that includes our business model. However, for now, we are focused on fixing search and discovery on mobile and building the "centralized hub for socially engaged consumers."

In the future, Poppo will enable companies to mobilize their brand advocates in order to drive consumer engagement and sales on mobile – at scale. We make it easy and efficient for marketers to build, mobilize and reward their advocates to support their marketing campaigns, engage consumers and convert new business.

Our secret sauce is algorithmically generated search results and matching software for companies to mobilize their brand advocates. As we consider our business model instead of traditional outbound online ads (for which we have a natural allergy towards) we are focusing on visual search and social media marketing – posts from mobile devices to social networks, including our own social network. Our algorithm uses a formula that factors in the people, places, and products involved in a post. We also factor in how frequently users not only tap on a post, but also are willing to like and share the content that interests them. More popular posts float to the top. Less popular posts sink to the bottom.

More important than making money, we aim to bring a new measure of popular attention to the importance of human connection through shared experiences and celebrating everyday mobile moments. Our goal is to bestow a singularly unique and lasting motive to invigorate a global movement around the world that recognizes and rewards people for their loyalty and engagement.


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